Motorola to offer 200 TELUS Backflip owners “early software release”, unfortunately not Android 2.1


  • Brian

    Did 200 people even buy this piece of garbage?

  • Carrie-Lou

    I am downloading the system update right now. Hoping it stabilizes the phone some as I really like my phone a lot but it’s buggy for sure!

  • Al

    I have been running the upgrade since Tuesday and it has made the phone a lot more stable. To people like Brian When I saw the phone on display I thought what a joke. The way that the phone has to be displayed you do not get a chance to really see what it can do. When you actually use it the design makes perfect since. You get the best keyboard for large fingers. The touch screen is right there so you don’t have to open it to use it. In fact you can do everything on this phone closed. The only problem with this phone has been software. The reason that 2.1 has not been released is they learned their lesson the first time and are making sure everything will work when they release it.