Samsung Wave dummy phones arrive at Rogers


  • Don

    Duh me!!!

  • joaquin

    The one with Rogers has a flash the one with Bell don’t. Hope that Bada will be good not as the Microsoft thing…

  • Karam

    I’m looking forward to this release and I hope it’s affordable so I can pay full price instead of the stupid contract.

  • Seth

    Even if you purchase it at full price. Wont it be locked to a service provider? Where can you get this phone unlocked?

  • Ste7en

    Both Bell and Rogers has Flash camera.
    It is also MULTI TASK
    and is FLASH compatible when surfing the web.
    Cost listed at BELL is 299 NO CONTRACT…
    Im guessing it should be around 0 to 50 with contract

  • Darron Sadaphal

    ughhh if only this runs android, Bada OS doesn’t look too appealing

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    Yea im not gunna rush out for this.

    $299 No Term? id like to see that “Really”
    But i Dought that one will pan out…

    Not that i want a samsung phone, but im leaning toward a galxy S when launched.

    Would like to play with this tho, to check out tha OS & UI

    Desent device, But they should have went with a Larger screen for there First bada phone.