BlackBerry Pearl 9100 will get the $79.99 price tag on 3-year


  • mkm

    All future phones that come with 3 year contract should be ignored, until current carriers completely switch to 2 year terms. Palm Pre is already offered for free on 2 year contract. And it’s mindblowing how Wind is offering non-contract BB Bold 9700 for the same price as lower tier BB Pearl 9100 will sell at TELUS. Are big three really blind, or they just ignoring competitors. That’s a dangerous strategy if they do.

  • Mark

    Unfortunately the younger generation are only looking at a near free phone with these ridiculous 3 year contracts and not doing the math. THIS IS EASY MATH PEOPLE!

  • Richard

    Mark: It depends on the device, your current rate plan, and whether you need a new phone, but the 3-year contracts (though long) can be a good deal in some cases.

    In my case I am young and my phone was about to die, so I signed a 3-year contract to get a free smartphone because when I calculated the Net Present Value of staying with my current provider and purchasing a “dumb QWERTY phone,” it was at a minimal cost (over the course of three years) to upgrade to a nice new smartphone with no data plan (which I have always wanted but could never afford) and I get some extra perks that I didn’t have with my old plan, which was a pretty good deal and still is for what it comes with.

  • Spiri

    $449.99 ?!
    I’ll have an HTC Legend for that price.