Contest: Win a Motorola Brute


  • Rob Raymond

    Count me in.

  • Matthew

    Sick phone

  • Ruben Jongstra

    Ruben Jongstra

  • Marko Tomas

    Pick me!

  • Dustin Coffman

    Dustin woot!!

  • miraldy

    strong phone wowwww!!

  • Shannon M

    Count me in! Shannon M

  • Chris K

    sign me up

  • Greg Baker

    Wouldnt mind winning one of these mamma-jammas

  • Chris


  • j rottgen

    jason rottgen


  • Tim Dowker

    I’d love to win!

  • Ryan Briggs

    this would be great for farming

  • Nicholas Noel


  • Dennis Jiang


  • Chase Simpson


  • Paolo dela Cruz

    looks pretty tough

  • Malek

    Me PLz.

  • Stephanie

    Stephanie McCullough. This phone seems perfect!

  • julien lemay

    my turn

  • Brian Kent

    Brian Kent
    this phone looks tough!

  • Gurkiran Chana

    Lol, I loved when he chucked it against the oil tank thing in the review. BING.
    I want one!

  • Sanket Sutaria


  • Peter


  • Jay Blair

    Jay Blair

  • Edward

    Please pick me!

  • Max Audet

    Count me in … I always dreamed of throwing my phone on an old oil tank 🙂

  • Al Archibald

    Al archibald

  • andrew athanasopoulos

    i would like to see the rest of that video…. or maybe get the phone and try it out myself… lol

  • Lucas Ross

    I’m in

  • Tim Turcotte

    Sounds good to me!

  • Hyder A

    Me please!

  • Daniel Whiteside

    Dan Whiteside really needs a new work phone….the one I have is in rough shape!!!!

  • SHuelin

    Sign me up

  • don springer


  • Pascal Gilbert

    count me in !

  • Justin

    Count me in! 🙂

  • Wayne S

    I’m in love to have a tuff phone for a change compared to those flacky smartphone.

  • Chris H

    that thing is insane! My grandfather needs it!

  • Tim Gee

    awesome video, i want to smash the phone around too! pick me!

  • Peter hamilon

    That phone would rock!!!

  • Sean


  • jackson

    thank you

  • Michael P

    looks solid

  • Samuel Maskell

    I’m down.

  • Josh M

    i want one, i also get to see how i can destroy it, wow this is like a dream, win a phone to see how to destroy it, motorola razr 2 destroy easy, this one would be fun

  • F. Gajtani


  • Philip P.

    Would be great for my business.

  • Marco

    Sounds like fun! mzuegg!

  • DaveP

    I’m in!

  • Luc Richard

    Thanks again

  • Hamid Adem


  • John Ly

    I wanna throw it off the 28th floor of my building and see if it can survive that. So let me win and I’m going to do that the instant I get it.

  • Rene Hawkes

    Neat phone

  • John T


  • Steven Chen

    Steven Chen

  • mark tanner

    yippe kai yay mother hubberd

  • Rada Elladan

    Me too!

  • Peter

    FOR FREE???

  • Vincent W

    sure. why not…..

  • Leo

    please and tx

  • Boots H

    Time to replace my i870!!

  • Ken

    I’m in too

  • Earl Moravek

    I’d love a phone you could really depend on.

  • justin

    I would like to win this phone.

  • benjamin

    I want!

  • Nektarios

    Let me have it!!!1

  • Paul W

    Im in. Dont break it!

  • Riley S

    I’m in!

  • Junaid Syed

    Junaid Syed

  • Kenny Gordon

    Sign me up!

  • Denise Gagnon

    I need this BAD!

  • FIlip P.

    No comments:)

  • Akshdeep Bhatia

    This thing is solid. Perfect for a clumsy person like me.

    Akshdeep Bhatia

  • Julia Danielsson

    Great having an updated Mike phone for the i580. About time :). It will make all the difference!

  • janriel pastor


  • Denny L

    need a foneeeee

  • Lisa D’Ugo

    That is a nice phone.

  • Justin Egli

    sweet phone!!

  • Rob Woods

    Sign me up!

  • Rob

    I could use this.

  • Ernest B.

    My cell phone is so old it has a rotary dial.

  • nivram

    marvin r

  • Gideon

    Best review ever!

  • Tim Chan

    I’m in!

  • Brad


    I’M IN!!!

  • Brooke Bourgeois

    Brooke Bourgeois

  • Jonathan Malette

    Jonathan Malette

  • Eric L

    I’m in!

  • Erik C. Garneau

    Perhaps I shall win this time?

  • Rich

    Count me in~

  • Edson Lai

    please? 🙂

  • Nicolas Trudel

    Can’t wait to abuse this phone! Haha

    Nicolas Trudel

  • Eitan Kremer

    Looks like a tank phone.
    I’m in.

  • Milon T

    Me haha 😛

  • Paul Yeung

    I need a phone that could withstand the type of abuse my phones go through. Not that I try to do anything bad to them. It just happens that they don’t always last for some reason =D

  • Emil Fernandes

    Count me in. Thanks!

  • Peter

    Thanks. I’ll accept the prize.

  • Mark

    Weather-resistant is the way to go!

  • Saif Rahman

    New free phone? Eh why not?

  • Cedric Champon

    Great phone !

  • Avraham Gross

    me me! what about me?

  • Kyle Dadgar

    Count me in!!!!

  • Mike C

    I’m in.

  • Dylan Coady

    ★★°º¤ø,¸DYLAN COADY¸,ø¤º°★★

  • GC

    I want!

  • Alexander Bertrand

    YEEE Funny vid lol . count me in

  • Mavis

    cool beans

  • Ron Mackenzie

    Ron Mackenzie

  • Chris Chapman

    yes please

  • David Cheng

    i would give it to my sister, because her phones don’t survive over 2 weeks

  • John Tenney

    I can’t wait to destroy this.

  • Bhupinder Deogun


  • Bryce Hamelin

    Thanks Mobile Syrup!!

  • Mark Chau

    yay! no need to worry about using it while on the loo (washroom)!

  • mohsen choudhary

    mohsen choudhary…..thanks

  • Vincent Zheng

    OOH im going to toss it out of my 9th story building window and record it all the way heehe

  • Rajesh Kumar

    Pick me up please.. would love to have one…

  • Chris Durish

    Thats CRAZYY!! hook me up

  • Floria Liu

    Good Luck =D

  • Mark M

    I’ll take one

  • James

    i could really use a new phone

  • Tibor Szekszardi

    Pick me!

  • Matt P

    I could use the ptt to annoy my wife

  • Hani Azam


  • Dipak Mistry

    cool !

  • Dipak Mistry

    thanks !

  • Adwin L

    Serious with the table saw…

  • tri nguyen

    tri nguyen

  • Matthew Welch

    I would love an unbreakable phone :).


  • Samer

    A phone with a superpower? Count me in.

  • Keyvan Eslami

    Thank you!

  • Ian Staines

    That was awesome! I need a new phone!

  • Alex T.

    Table saw! Thanks!

  • Wade

    This would be a great phone to use outside during a west Vancounver Island winter.

  • Jody

    My old V710 is on its last legs…so, yes please.

  • Aubrey Leung

    Aubrey Leung

  • Wesley Hwang

    Wesley Hwang

  • Hadison Yip

    Hadison Yip

  • Jessica Hwang

    Jessica Hwang

  • Frederick Leung

    Frederick Leung

  • Marc


  • Sidra bukhari

    May it be me 🙂

  • nicholas botulenko

    Nicholas Botulenko

    i would love to Destroy one of those

  • daryl


  • Caroline Bellemare

    My name is Caroline Bellemare.

    I’m sure I can destroy it 😉

  • mudassar

    Nice and tough handset

  • Leilei G

    Want it!!!

  • Craig P

    Duck …

  • Rick Best

    Sweet phone… Id like to win that… Put me in the draw please…. thanks 😀

  • Chris Brooks

    Chris Brooks

  • Arjun Puri


  • David Dworaczek

    I’d love to win it!

  • Kunal

    i want to destroy one 😛

  • Aaron Chen

    Dipping it in water will be cool

    Aaron Chen

  • Irvin Moreno

    Would be a great work phone ons site.

  • Ronald Gruia

    How to break this phone? Simple, just give it to my 3-year old son. If he doesn’t break it, then it’s really tough 🙂

  • Faisal Mohamed

    Yay more technology to kill 🙂

  • Zach

    Me please! 😀

  • Eugene Otsuka

    Me, me, me!

  • Kevin Ringrose

    Kevin Ringrose

  • Jeremie Bouchard

    I’m in

  • elqueue

    in for the win

  • Alex Chen

    Alex Chen

  • nicholas aleksejev

    please please me

  • Elliot

    would be nice to have one of these for work

  • Modestas Narmontas

    Modestas Narmontas

  • Mark Iversen

    Maybe it will survive the fall that killed my last phone.

  • Marisa Flores

    Marisa Flores

  • Swee

    This would be the perfect phone for me

  • Lawrence Kong

    Lawrence Kong

  • Marc-André Desjardins

    I’m a Brute!

  • Thomas Eaves

    Reminds me of when the BBC tried to break the unbreakable phone at CES and succeeded. Tom Eaves

  • Chuan J. Tran


  • Omar Rahoman

    Love it.

  • Schyler Fevens

    A table saw huh?… Sounds like an idea.

  • Jane

    Please add me to the draw!!
    Thank you!!

  • Row

    Man I could really use a phone like this for my line of work. This thing is a beast! Funny enough all the stuff he did to it is what my phone goes through on the daily! hahah Good Luck!

  • Raza T

    I want it!

  • Dmitri Kondratev


  • Patrick Perrier

    It’s my turn!

  • Freddy

    I need one of those…

  • Pardeep

    That’s one amazing phone =D
    I got to have one!

  • Paul Grzybowski

    Me likey.. Thanks.

  • Hogan Wong

    One tough cookie to crack, I would love to have one.

  • Tony Gray

    this would be a great addition to my mike lineup

  • Stuart Ure


  • Josh R


  • Amar Bajwa

    Wow! Now when I get kicked out in the rain, I can still call my wife and try to convince her otherwise…..

  • Daniel Krueger

    If I win this phone, the first thing im going to do is drop it!

  • John MacDonald

    haha this would be amazing to win.

  • Daniel

    i need one 🙁 hopefully i get it.

  • Ken

    wow tough phone.. I want one.

  • Devin

    Devin McLeod

  • Piper975

    got an 8350i, why not add this one to the collection and see if it works !!!

  • gurjinder singh

    gurjinder singh count me in

  • Andrew

    Andrew B – I’m in!

  • Shawn Harvey

    it’s mine

  • Andre

    I need this. Count me in.

  • harjinder singh

    Really nice rugged phone. love to have this one

  • Tyler M

    I love these giveaways! Sign me up!

  • Steve Cole

    I need this bad. My phone now sucks and I keep on dropping it.

  • David Muir

    David Muir

  • Perry

    you didn’t show the result.. did it survive the handsaw ? :p

  • Shawn H

    I need this phone.

  • Wes Hoover

    this would be awesome considering all the outdoor stuff i do…i usually leave my phone at home when i do cause im affraid of breaking it lolz

  • Adam

    Need something like this.

  • Corey Larson


  • Mark

    Would like to win this!

  • jay

    I like to participate in the contest thanks.

  • Johnson Tran

    There was a point in the review, that sounded pretty “dirty.”

  • Simon Thai


  • D H Mac_Donald

    Work for the Railway– I’d LOVE to try this phone out at work & see if lasts longer then any of the dozen I’ve lost in action

  • Danny Greenfield

    I work in construction and this phone would be great.

  • Jordan Horvath


  • Jacob Schroeder

    Jacob Schroeder really wanted to see the table saw go through the phone!

  • Dan Thibeault

    This phone would be great for my brother! He is with Telus and keeps accidently breaking his phone that he is afraid to carry it around.

  • Anthony K

    Check your site all the time, would love to win, thanks!

  • Jerson Mari

    My phone needs to be replaced and I’m really broke at the moment! This looks like a very cool phone! 😀 😀 😀

  • Lyndon MacLeod

    I’ll take a shot for it!

  • Allister Ashwal

    Allister Ashwal

  • Steve Trista


  • Andrew

    Count me in!

  • makarim Ismath

    pick me please

  • Dennis Hale

    win win win

  • Mark Supierz

    Come to me, rock solid toughy.

  • Carlo Villarreal

    I could probably use a phone this durable.

  • tom vallee

    pick me!

  • Seungheon Lee

    I want it!

  • Muneer Dawood


  • Matthew Hunter @matahtak

    Sure looks cool, good luck all

  • Pat Jones

    Great video! I could use a phone like that!