Rogers CEO: “customers will not be buying products per se, but buying into brands”

A few weeks ago Rogers created an blog called Red Board, this is a place for their social media team to start a conversation with their customers. The topics are for all Rogers products, not just wireless. In the first video interview they went to the top and interviewed Rogers President and CEO, Nadir Mohamed.

The interview is just over 2 minutes and is about what 2010 will shape up to be. There’s not much said that’s different from what we’ve heard in the past, but what is really interesting is how Nadir stated 2010 “will be a very interesting time, we really have an industry that’s transforming… it’s a whole new world. The traditional products are starting to mature, we have a whole new set of products that people are going to buy. You’ll have new players coming into the market, competition is going to be more intense. The key for us at Rogers is to stay focused on where the customer is going and build on the brand and the reputation we have… Rogers is a brand that everybody understands, it’s the place to go where there’s new stuff… More and more customers will not be buying products per se, but buying into brands… what’s the underpinning of our brand? It’s Innovation for sure, but I think one of the things we’re looking to build up is this idea that Rogers being a company that’s easy to do business with. It’s frankly not a place that I feel we’re there yet”.

It’s interesting that Nadir said the traditional products are maturing and people will buy new products, but then states that eventually people will not be buying products but buying brands. Rogers is a big Canadian company and in all sorts of markets (telecom, media, sports) and what it sounds like for them is that it’s all about joining up their “information, communication and entertainment” into a great customer experience.

The real question to ponder is if Rogers wants to be a company/brand that’s easy to do business with… how long will it take to get there and will you as a customer wait?

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