Mobilicity brand agency says “consumers had a say in co-creating it”

Mobilicity (formally Dave Wireless) announced their new go-to-market name on February 2nd. On that date we caught up with VP of Marketing Sara Moore and she stated “we think there was a great opportunity and remains a great opportunity for a mobile operator to bring simplicity to the wireless marketplace… and that’s why we love this name and we love the logo because it just drives that message in such a bright cheerful, optimistic – which is who we are as a company.”

A release went out today that New York-based branding firm Verse Group created the Mobilicity “brand story, name and visual identity”. Michael Thibodeau, Chief Creative Officer of Verse Group said “the Mobilicity brand connects with consumers because, in fact, consumers had a say in co-creating it during extensive market research”.

When Mobilicity launches their wireless service they will unlimited plans and offer BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and very possibly the Google Nexus One. In addition, you can expect them this Spring first in Toronto, then in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa. If us consumers had a helping hand… What are your thoughts on the Mobilicity brand?

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