Video Interview with new wireless carrier Mobilicity

After the introduction of the new brand name for Dave Wireless… they now officially call themselves “Mobilicity” I caught up with Chairman John Bitove, President Dave Dobbin and Vice President of Marketing Sara Moore for a few minutes to talk about the new direction.

Last last week we wrote about the possibility of Dave becoming Fresh Wireless and then a logo popped up in CIPO that is now the new distinction for Mobilicity. The name itself was chosen because it incorporates “simplicity for city-based customers”. They are still finalizing everything for launch day when it comes to price plans, but they will offer “No Contract. No Credit Check. Unlimited Wireless”.

As we’ve mentioned before, Mobilicity will launch their brand this Spring first in Toronto, then in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa. At launch they will offer BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson devices “at or around 100 bucks”. The one thing you have to respect about Mobilicity is that they have always stated they will launch when they are ready and as John Bitove stated will have “flawless execution”.

Sara Moore stated “the one thing still missing in Canada for wireless consumers is simplicity. People are still talking about the difference of incoming and outgoing or free calls to the 5 people or family members. Buckets of minutes or buckets of text messaging and plans that have a little bit, and for $5 more you can get unlimited. It’s a bit of a matrix. You can pay before or after… or even the naming conventions are getting cute and not simple. We think there was a great opportunity and remains a great opportunity for a mobile operator to bring simplicity to the wireless marketplace… and that’s why we love this name and we love the logo because it just drives that message in such a bright cheerful, optimistic – which is who we are as a company.”

Check out the interview below here (apologies for the shaky camera work). The second video is the actual launch of their brand name.