Rogers HTC Magic rebranded as HTC “Magic+”


  • xau

    Liars. Robbers.

    Rebadged the same phone for a higher price, when the phone is actually more crippled than before since it is unrootable.

  • Hub

    No ONE point SIX?

  • Hugo B.

    Being a Hero User, Sense UI works really well, and is in many ways superior UI-wise than standard Android… And I haven’t come accross 1 instance where Sense actually cause issues with any App.

    This’ll definatly big a big upgrade for magic owners!

  • Jr Bishop

    is there an update for current magic owners??

  • vkos

    I’m liking Sense UI as well Hugo. However, we already have this on our Magics. It came at the same time as our 911 fix. So all consumers are really getting extra is the + although I remember magic hovering around this price before anyways so I don’t think it’s intended to sell for more. But, I checked the Rogers website and all the old magic reviews seem to be gone. I think this was more an attempt to get rid of bad press over this required 911 fix stuff.

  • mkm87

    Typical Robbers move. They should have at least added 3.5mm headphone jack to the Magic as T-Mobile did in US. But raising price of the same phone with the new software update provided by HTC is just plain greedy. Imagine if price of Blackberry smartphones increased each time new version of Blackberry OS is released.

  • bj

    The update also included a new radio (that is not supported by many custom ROMs) and a perfected SPL that currently is not rootable. Strangely enough the new radio and SPL have absolutely nothing to do with the 911 fix, added significant time and complexity to the 911 bugfix, and remove the ability to root and run custom ROMs.

    Of course those were just side effects of the 911 bugfix…

    You certainly can get Sense UI on the Magic. You also can get rock solid, bug free 1.6 builds and 1.6 is the minimum OS level for some of the newer Google functionality.

  • bj

    Also, if Rogers really cared they would have gone with the new Magic with the 3.5mm headphone jack as opposed to just rebranding their supply of Magics, that they mostly updated the firmware on.

    There have been some reports of people getting “new” Magics that are still running the old 1.5 release with the 911 bug…. oppps.

  • Puleen Patel

    BJ, you are spot on. If Rogers had the faintest of care for customer experience and service they would’ve opted to go with the truly “NEW” Magic with 3.5mm headphone jack.

    If I had to take a wild guess, Rogers must’ve sent back the original Magic devices left in their inventory back to HTC to get rebranded and have the new update applied. This is most likely to sell as many of the devices and lock as many customers into a 3-year contract.

    These are typical things Rogers does to “care” for their customers.