HTC updates 911 fix: Magic now has 1.5 with Sense UI


  • Matt Fryer

    I’m currently on Windows 7 and the upgrade went fine. I didn’t need to call Rogers for assistance.

  • Parminder Sandhu

    I upgraded and the HTC Sync had issues with Windows 7 but that’s okay. AS for the upgrade it didn’t take that long and it’s nice. It’s just a bit choppy tho in general.

  • Its The P

    I’ve been a rogers customer for almost 10 years. This is the best thing that has happen to me lol. Now I have have two phones but I still perfer using the dream over the magic.

  • Anna

    The update will work with Windows 7, but you have to make sure you are using the HTC drivers in Device Manager. If Windows 7 goes out to Microsoft and grab the Android Driver this will cause problems for you to connect. In Device Manager when the Dream or Magic is connected under ADB Interface if it does not say My HTC then you are using the wrong drivers, you have to manually update the drivers by;
    1. Right Clicking the device under ADB Interface and Select Update Drivers
    2. Select Browse My Computer for Drivers
    3. Select let me pick from a list of device
    4. Select MY HTC and Click Next

    Now you should be able to connect to your Dream or Magic to upgrade.

  • Dale

    HTC Sync will not connect to HTC Dream (says phone isn’t connected via USB, yet it will let me mount the phone). Same thing with the firmware update. I’m in Windows 7 x64. I guess I’ll have to try another OS…

  • theninjasquad

    Why didn’t they just push this out OTA?

  • Peter

    The update also makes the phone much harder/impossible to root. So if you are thinking of installing Cyanogenmod, think twice before applying this update. Bye the way, Cyanogen fixed the 911 problem back in september.

  • Parminder Sandhu

    I cannot open my Camera or Video Recorder after upgrading. Also when I put pictures on the SD Card they don’t get recongized it says that my album is empty.

  • chilie

    The OTA client is not built into the original rom.

  • Dan

    I had no problems with the update on Win XP.

    Made sure debug mode and screen lock pattern were off. Installed HTC Sync. Ran the program and about 6 mins later the Magic was updated.

    The new Sense UI is very slick and I’m really liking it. Though it would be nice to ALWAYS have the option for landscape typing instead of being forced to use portrait typing in some areas like people/contacts.

    However the REAL story is the
    the Jan 26th deadline fast approaching for people that wanted to exchange their Dreams for Magics. In the past few days the Magics were pulled from Rogers online store and their physical stores in preparation for the 911 fix included in this update. Those phones are STILL not available for the exchange and unless we hear confirmation of the deadline being extended, there will be a lot of angry Dream owners.

  • Lucas Hokanson

    This was a bluff, they did not disable access.

  • ian

    ……yes they did.

  • Patrick

    Upgrade went fine. Had to use Windows XP Mode, as I’m on Win 7 64 bit.

    I’m hopeful that they’ll release Android 2 for Magic soon. It’s a bit annoying though that OS upgrades erase all your data.

  • Nick Kornek

    Running cyanogen mod (where the problem has been fixed for months already) and they just cut off my internet. Yarr

  • drspacemonkey

    My data service was cut. I can’t install the update because my only windows box runs 64 bit, and the USB drivers in the update app don’t work on a 64 bit OS. On hold with Rogers tech support right now, their customer service dept transferred me because apparently they have “a process” to deal with this. That doesn’t make me feel any better, because there’s “a process” to deal with horses that broke a leg, too.

  • Noah

    I am on hold with Rogers as well. Please share your experiences with this if you have them. The rep was insisting that there was no way to get the ban lifted, but I asked him to let me talk to an technician or system administrator of some kind anyway.

  • confused

    this sux. I’m on Fido with a HTC Magic, rooted already running 1.5. What happens if i upgrade? does this prevent me from future upgrades? does it lock the phone?

  • MCG

    The update was a fail with Windows 7 for me. I couldn’t even access the website to download the required files. XP worked great, luckily i had a few old computers lying around with XP. It took awhile but the update was smooth on XP (took awhile cause the old computers were slow).

    I had to reset my phone a for the ban to be lifted, but this was a good 24 hours after I did the update.

    The tech reps didn’t seem to have the right info. the windows 7 solutions never worked and one of the reps even told me the Magic was getting the Android 2.1 upgrade (??What??).

    Just one quick question though… If I am doing the update via my computer, how does this sky rocket my data consumption? I was just pissed at how they put a ban on my data.

  • Glenn

    Did my update on XP to my Dream. aside from the requisite erasing my data, and some apps aren’t on the Market anymore, it is up to date and was uneventful.
    I didn’t realize the Dream update was out (I got my new one in the courier a couple weeks ago). I haven’t started using it because I figured I’d just wait for the 2.x update then make the switch to the Magic.
    I suppose I ought to update it too, so the new update will work for them. I don’t want Rogers to say I can’t do the update cuz the other one wasn’t apply, and break their HelpDesk script if it fails 😉

  • NM

    I have an HTC dream phone but I haven’t updated my phone in fear that i’m going to lose all my saved important texts. How can i transfer most of my texts to a computer?

  • Paul

    One the phone with Rogers now for the third time. I have a rooted Cyanogen 1.6 Dream which has the 911 fix. Called earlier to get my data reinstated but they were useless as usual. If they continue to refuse me data access on a fixed phone they might just have a court case on their hands. Anyone want to join me?

  • Paul

    GET A NETWORK RESET! If you have a rooted ROM with the 911 fix, call Rogers iPhone/general (not Dream) support and ask for a network reset. Pull battery and SIM and boot up. Restored data for me!

  • Ringo

    Too late, they’ve caught on… I just tried calling Rogers (went through iPhone support) and as soon as I mentioned a network reset, the CSR identified I had an HTC Dream and told me he’d just received SPECIFIC instructions not to perform network resets on the Magic or Dream until further notice.

    It`s brutal that we’re having to finding ways to “trick” our service provider into providing the service.

    I’ve been a Rogers customer for 10+ years, and aside from some upgrade headaches, they’ve been decent for me.

    The way they’re going about this update, however, has me seriously questioning where customer service is headed… and how much longer they’ll keep me as a customer.

  • Nasa

    This is ridiculous. Why should we be punished for using a current OS? I don’t see why they should cut our internet access while we’re paying for it just because htc and rogers can’t figure out a way to release a proper update. I could understand a lack of update for linux and MAYBE macOS but current windows? That should be at the top of the list for support.

  • Nasa

    I just got off the phone with Rogers. I got a way to update the phone even with windows 7. A Rogers tech support rep will email it if you ask for it.

  • TayTay

    Just do the software upgrade and stop complaining.

  • Brandon

    It’s not an “update” if you are running android 1.6 and rely on apps that use it for your job. The ROM these scammers are trying to peddle is a *downgrade* for some people, and they are holding us for ransom until we do it.

    They spouted a bunch of lies about safety being the #1 concern. Really Rogers? So why didn’t you update to 1.6 (with the 911 fix) last year like the rest of the world? Oh that’s right, you need a way to lock people into your terrible non-open source (try asking for the code) software with included useless apps.

    Trying to lock Dream (yes, it can run 2.1) owners into another 3 year contract with a “free” Magic just as the competition is increasing, very clever. No thanks, I’ll take the android 2 upgrade via the internet community, they seem to care more about your customers than you do!

    @Ringo: Can’t you ust tell then you have an iPhone? They seem to have no trouble consistently lieing to us, so turn the tables.

  • Jay

    I installed the new ROM and its amazing… but the only thing i found missing (so far) was the voice dialling. In the previous rom, you would just hold down the talk button for a few secs and the mic would pop up… but i can’t figure out how to start it on the new rom.. any suggestions?

  • klooin

    did update and everything was great got 2 calls today from a 1888 number that i did not answer they shut down my internet again. any help as to what i should do or do i have to reboot the system and do the update again

  • RuggerGant

    I have a Rogers HTC Magic and called tech support before trying the update (I have a Mac and Linux PC no Windows) – I was assured that the email sent to me with instructions will work. I copied the zip files via MicroSD and then installed the first zip – all went well as per instruction. However, I’ve tried the second zip file (the acutally Sense UI) and nothing – I am now left with a phone with no operating system and all it wants to do is power on and jump between the Rogers and HTC screen. Called tech support last night to be told it’s my problem. Don’t support Linux etc… So I’ve been forced to update this mandatory upgrade and they won’t provide me with a solution to get my phone back. It was working fine before they started interfering! I asked if I could send it in for someone to do the update and told it’s not a rogers update but HTC and they don’t handle it. Kinda strange it says Rogers HTC Magic but they don’t want anything to do with it. So I’ve a phone that doesn’t work and a contract that they are happy still billing me for! Rogers Tech support SUCKS EGGS!

  • Dennis Forbes

    I updated both a Dream and a Magic (I took advantage of the “upgrade” simply because I’m only months into a generous family plan, so the extension doesn’t make me cry too much), both with zero problems, although I did it from an XP laptop to reduce the unknowns.

    The Sense UI on the Magic is simply brilliant. I got the Android platform for development reasons, but it was always a little embarrassing when iPhone owning peers would ask to look at it. While it’s very functional, it’s very utilitarian.

    With Sense UI…holy cripes absolutely beautiful (and brilliantly usable). I had been just waiting until I could buy one of the newer phones (X10, Nexus One once it goes to Roger’s bands, etc), so this is a super pleasant development.

  • sdfgsfdgq

    does anyone know when they are going to put these phones back out for sale? wanded one for my b day but thanks to this stupid problem they cant legally sell one to me. got any answers please?

  • boob

    this is all corporate bullshit.people whi can’t do upgrade have to pay for data plan even if they are not using it.

  • Trevor Mcpherson

    Unimpressed with lack of Linux/Mac support. Geeks liket his phone, and don’t like Microsoft so much – know you’re market!!! Dusted off old XP machine to update, and went fine. New UI seems to suck up more battery, though. TIP: Updated but still no connection? pop the battery out then back in.