TELUS Motorola Milestone NOT launching Jan 26th


  • Nicolas


  • Lexcyn

    I don’t know. Until anything is confirmed with Telus, it NOT coming the 26th could be just another rumor. Who knows until the time comes, unless Telus themselves have said something

  • Keith

    The longer they wait, the more I’m leaning to ordering a Nexus One and using it on Rogers/

  • DLS

    How much longer do I have to wait?!!! it’s killing me 🙂

  • jimmy

    a very reliable source indicates a late January, early February launch.

    hang tight, this device is a beauty!!

  • Hub

    @Keith and realising that you can’t get 3G anyway with it, because it does not support Band II nor V (that oBelUs use for their 3G network)

  • TD

    I have both the N1 and the Motorola milestone GSM from Europe working on the rogers network. Both are good phones although A2.1 is definitely a plus for the N1

  • Lexcyn

    2.1 is coming for the Milestone as stated already by Motorola. It will be pushed OTA.

    Also, I really hope it comes out late Jan/early Feb, because I am almost on m2m with Rogers and want out.

  • Trevor

    Yeah, but Windows Mobile 7 is going to start getting shown around sooner or later. As anxious as I was for the Droid, I’m starting to hope again for WinMo.

  • mikie

    not 26th… maybe 27th then.. or 25th…
    and also.. what is consider early 2010?

  • charrion

    Sadly, I’d imagine anything Q1 or Q2 would be considered early 2010. I’m just curious why they’re so reluctant to even give a clue as to which quarter it will be released. It makes me think they’re further from release than they want to admit.

  • awong

    Knowing Telus, they are looking for as many ways as possible to cripple the phone before they release it.

    Or just perhaps, maybe, they are trying to solve the bluetooth (one-touch) hands-free dialing issue that has plagued the Droid and all other Android phones. Just dreaming…

  • J.Soul

    ^^ awong has obviously never owned a smartphone before.

    They’ve never been crippled on ANY provider.

    If you’re referring to GPS unlock on former HTC devices – look no further than the limitations of WinMo 6.

  • Dan

    ^^ J.Soul has obviously never owned a smartphone on Telus before (or Verison, if memory serves).

    Telus is well known for blocking out features on smart phones. Even my old Moto V710 had features locked out. My current Q had to be unlocked so I could load 3rd party apps.

    I’ve been with Telus nearly 15 years (Freedom Unlimited plan), and honestly, that’s been my only gripe. If I could make one request to Telus, it would be to stop crippling my phones. OK, and maybe decent pricing on data plans… 🙂

  • Tater

    Telus doesn’t cripple smartphones? Since when. Every phone I’ve owned has had features disabled, every one of their routers I’ve owned has had features disabled. The only reason I am looking at getting the milestone is because it has been rooted. Otherwise I would jump on a Nokia n900

  • charrion2

    grrr…it aint here yet. I’ve waited 3 months just so I can keep up to date in Journalism. Early 2010 can go on until around April even. I really hope it doesn’t stretch out that long…

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