DAVE Wireless signs cell-site sharing agreement with Bell



    WHAT SPIN DOCTOR BELL ALSO DOES NOT TELL ALL OF IT’S CUSTOMERS .Canadian cell phone carrier, DAVE Wireless, announced that it had signed a licensing agreement with Bell Mobility, allowing it to attach wireless transmitters to Bell’s existing cell sites. What most citizens do not realize is that wireless phones are digital based too, operating on Bell’s internet services too AND IT FURTHER EXPLAINS WHY BELL HAS TO CAP IT INTERNET CUSTOMERS’ USAGES, DOWNLOADS OFTEN TOO, TO MAKE THE ROOM FOR THE WIRELESS PHONES AS WELL . BELL REALLY DOES NOT HAVE EXISTING ADEQUATE CAPACITY FOR BOTH, NOT EVEN FOR THE HIGH SPEED INTERNET SERVICES IN ALL AREAS OF CANADA. IT IS CLEARLY TOO CHEAP TO SPEND CAPITAL TO DO THIS

  • Steve

    TELL ME IT IS NOT SO doesn’t understand what he is talking about, plain and simple. “Digital” – my alarm clock is digital, does it slow your internet too?

  • market watcher

    How many of Bell’s site agreements permit for sub-licensing to a 3rd party.

  • in the know

    good thing Bell is launching HSPA+…

  • kevin_405


    All cell phone companies connect cell towers using dedicated fiber lines and/or radio equipment. So sharing cell tower will not have any affect on ur Internet usage.. If they run their mobiles over the internet , u will have stopped using mobile phones long back..