Stolen cellphone rings up $24,000 charge!

dobsoncellphonebillWowzers, this is a case of poor judgement. 18-year old Alex Dobson took a trip with his buddies last fall to Puru. Upon leaving, the B.C resident went through airport security and realized he still had his cellphone with him.

Dobson said “When I went through airport security, I realized my cell phone was still in my pocket. And I thought, well, that’s dumb, because I’m never going to use my cell phone, and I just threw it in the bottom of my backpack.”

This is where it gets fun for us who don’t have to live the story. “They pulled a fast one on me” he said as his backpack was stolen while on a bus in Peru. He arrived back in Canada in December abd cracked open his Bell cellphone bill only to realize it was a whopping $13,000. That’s right, at $3.49 per minute the charges begin to add up.

They made contact with representatives at Bell to cancel the phone and “looked into the matter”. In true fashion the bills kept coming in and now have totalled over $24,000 to which Bell says this is not a case of fraud, the family is obligated to pay.

Alex’s monther, Janice says “It’s horrible that they can do that, that cellphone companies aren’t regulated in some way. If we’re eventually held to have to pay it, we’ll have to pay it. But I don’t want other people to have to pay it”.

However, looking at the picture, Mr. Dobson doesn’t look to thrilled, but Alex simply looks excited to have his picture plastered everywhere!

Souce: CBC

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