Will Bell or TELUS ever get the iPhone?

rogers-iphone-3g-canada-fidoThere are several rumours flying around that in the United States, Verizon might eventually be adding the Apple iPhone to its lineup. Currently the iPhone is under exclusivity through AT&T and if a Verizon deal happens, what will it mean for us Canadians?

Consumer Report wrote an interesting comment on their blog today:
“A North American iPhone that works with the CDMA technology used by Verizon might also spell some advantages for cell-phone subscribers north of the border. As we’ve pointed out, there’s been discontent over the cost of service with Rogers Wireless, the current Canadian iPhone carrier. The CDMA version developed for Verizon might allow new, perhaps, cheaper option for Canadians, with carriers in Canada that use CDMA, such as Bell Canada and Telus.”

With this said, both Bell and Telus are switching their technology by the 2010 Olympics… do you think that we’ll ever see the iPhone with either Bell or TELUS?

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