Bell launching HTC Touch Pro November 14th for $399.95

Bell is hitting the market with an onslought of phones this quarter: Voyager, Cleo, Diamond, Reveal BlackBerry Storm… and the HTC Touch Pro!

For this 3G touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard gem the target launch date is set for Friday, November 14th. Check out this ad promoting the Touch Pro… see something wrong?  We do, the device is flipped backwards! The Pro slides the other way, an easy way to tell is the HTC logo letters are in the wrong order (CTH).

Early price plans are as follows: 3-year for $399.95, 2-year for $449.95, 1-year for $549.95 and the ever popular dent in your bank account no contract price for $599.95.

Will you be lining up?

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