Game of the Day: Imangi 2.0 for the iPhone

We first wrote about Imangi back in July and now the Imangi 2.0 for the iPhone is set to be released. Imangi is a word game that is part Scrabble and art Rubik’s Cube – with the object to form as many words as possible by sliding the letters either horizontal or vertical. The new   features include:

* Speed Imangi – Race against the clock to score as many words as possible!

* Daily Challenge – Each day a new Daily Challenge is posted where you can play against the rest of the world and see where you compare.

* Friend Challenge – Play against your friends on the same Imangi board and see who does the best.

* Online High Scores – See how you stack up against the rest of the world.

* New Languages – German, French, Italian, and Russian Word Lists were added.

Learn more here

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