Fido Sony Ericsson W380a Video Review

Fido recently released the Sony Ericsson W380a – another flip phone. The review we did was fairly quick, however we are impressed by a few thing that this device offers.

The first observation is that the design of the W380a is sleek and stylish with an edgy feel to is. It weighs 100 grams and is only 92x49x16 with the screen being 172×220.In addition, its music player has great sound that you can access from the front of the display. The “Gesture Control” allows you to kind of screen calls when they come in as all you have to do is move your hand over the sensor of the 1.3 megapixel camera and it will go to voicemail.

Other features include: MP3 player and stereo FM radio, Bluetooth,  Embedded Instant Messaging, Picture and video messaging, surf the web (EDGE) and the obvious Calendar, Tasks, Calculator, Stop Watch, Timer, code memo, Notes, Address book, Alarm Clock.

The best part of this is the price. Only $60 on a 3-year agreement, $160 on a 2-year, $300 month-to-month or prepaid. Here is the video below and you can always find more out at Fido.

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