“Get Connected Fairly Act” Interview with David McGuinty

Ottawa South MP David McGuinty introduced Bill C-555 last week, otherwise known as the “Get Connected Fairly Act”. We spoke with him about his objectives and why he is so passionate to have this bill passed and how he needs your help to make it happen.

If you’re one of the millions of Canadians who have a cellphone and pay a monthly system access fee, are confused and frustrated about your monthly bill – you might want to consider listening to our conversation and possibly signing his petition.

Mr. McGuinty wants to help Canadians get good value for their money, have the cell phone companies be transparent when it comes to fees and reduce the confusion when it comes to contracts.

Video is below and here are some quotes:
– “Why are we paying 50%-60% more than our counterparts in the Unites States?”
– “There is alot of abuse out there and the (cell phone carriers) are praying on confusion, they are banking on confusion.”
– “We should improve the way services are being offered.”
– “I want the System Access Fees banned, I want the 911 charges banned, I want overage, data surcharges banned, and I want people to know exactly what they are buying.”

(There is a longer version of this interview located here)

Link to MP David McGuinty Bill C-555: “Get Connected Fairly Act” Petition

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