“You Call The Shots” on Obama

Virgin Mobile Canada is targeting U.S. politics again and is now allowing all Canadians to cast their vote for an upcoming Senator Barack Obama-themed ad for the “You Call The Shots” campaign.

This is the latest way to get noticed and promote their “no-con” contracts for Virgin Mobile phones. First it was Hillary Clinton wondered if she could get her “bill under control”. Then, former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer and his undercover prostitution and “how tired he was of being treated like a number”.

You can get involved by visiting metronews.ca and vote for your favorite of the 4 possible ads above. Voting is open until 3 a.m. on Thursday April 24th. The spot that gets the most of your votes will be run by Virgin Mobile.

“When the general public have an ad campaign that lets them choose the winner, not only is it democracy at its best but it really is change you can believe in,” said Nathan Rosenberg, chief marketing officer, Virgin Mobile Canada. “This is your chance to play a part in our campaign and despite rumors and conjecture about which ad will come out on top, it is now in the hands of the voters.”

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