What if Google bought Yahoo! instead of Microsoft?

An article we read today was about an e-mail from Kevin Johnson, president of Microsoft’s platform & services division. The quotes stated are as follows: “In bringing the companies together, we would be committed to maintaining Yahoo’s significant presence in Silicon Valley. While some overlap is expected in any combination of this size, we should remember that Microsoft is a growth company that has hired over 20,000 people since 2005, and we would look to place talented employees throughout the company as a whole.” In addition, “No Microsoft employee should reach out to Yahoo employees for the purpose of integration planning unless specifically instructed to do so,”

This was in response to Yahoo’s decision to adopt new severance plans earlier in this week stating that the company’s full-time workers who lose their jobs without “cause” or quit “for good reason” after a Microsoft takeover would continue to receive salary and health insurance for four to 24 months, plus other benefits.

These are both strong quotes about both companies and their future direction. Microsoft is sending messages about moving into Yahoo, but keeping a presence and Yahoo is saying that if the takeover goes through, majority of their people will quit “for good reason”. In the internet community a full Microsoft environment is somewhat of a Monopoly in the industry. The glorious feature about the internet is that it is somewhat a free society with many options to choose from…

Now, Google (another possible internet monopoly) may not be a great choice, however imagine if Google bought Yahoo!… life would be different. Currently Google is missing a “video advertising” arena. They have text links, and forms of display advertising. Yes they have YouTube for watching videos of your cat. A portal like Yahoo! would be a greater fit and has pre-roll video, tv shows, online movies… a perfect space for Google to buy Yahoo!.

Now, for the mobile connection. Google Andriod would have that much more spaces for a global community to share ideas and a forum for a fully “open wired world”… check this cool video and what are your thoughts?

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