RIM & Motorola swap lawsuits over patent infringements

Motorola Inc. and Reseach in Motion (RIM) have had quite the loving relationship. Both organizations are claiming their competitor is using handset technology without permission and have now sued one another over mobile-phone patents.Both Motorola and RIM filed on February 16th in a federal court in Dallas the same day over similar claims,What the lawsuit really comes down to is mobile e-mail. RIM with the BlackBerry and Motorola with the Q. Whoever comes out on top will leap ahead in the “smartphones” industry.

Motorola claims Research In Motion “willfully” infringed the patents, causing “irreparable harm” – they are seeking cash compensation for past infringement of the inventions.

Research In Motion’s lawsuit claims Motorola infringed its patents, including one for a device “with a keyboard optimized for use with the thumbs,” It also accused Motorola of anti competitive behavior by demanding “exorbitant royalties” for its patents.

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