Leaked images reveal white Xbox Series X with no disc drive

The white Series X reportedly features improvements to some components, such as a better heatsink

From the company that brought you the black version of its white gaming console, get ready for the white version of its black gaming console.

New leaked images published by Exputer (via The Verge) show what appears to be a discless Xbox Series X in the same ‘robot white’ colour that the Series X’s less powerful sibling, the Series S, used at launch.

Exputer also reported that the white Series X would include some upgraded internals, including an improved heatsink to help with cooling. The Verge reports it saw documents detailing changes to the white Series X that indicate the leaked photos are genuine. Microsoft hasn’t commented yet on the images.

Previous reports from Exputer claimed that the white Series X could launch in June or July with a price cut of $50 to $100 USD (about $67.84 to $135.64 CAD). In Canada, the Xbox Series X currently retails for $649.99.

Pictures of the white Xbox Series X. Image credit: Exputer

If the leaks are accurate, it could mean Microsoft’s Xbox refresh plans have changed since documents detailing the refresh leaked during the FTC v. Microsoft case. The documents included information about a project codenamed ‘Brooklin’ that aimed to refresh the Xbox Series X with a new, cylindrical design. Brooklin also wouldn’t have a disc drive and was set to ship with a new controller and Xbox Wireless 2 connection.

Brooklin was supposed to ship in November at the same $499 USD starting price as the current Series X (so likely the same $649.99 in Canada). However, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer addressed the leaks in September 2023, saying that “so much has changed.”

It’s possible the new white Series X is one of those changes, but we won’t know for sure until Microsoft shares its plans.

Source: Exputer, The Verge

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