Windows 11 is getting its own AI-upscaler soon

The feature is called 'Automatic super resolution' and its potential is very exciting

Microsoft is potentially getting ready to add its own DLSS and FSR-like AI upscaling feature to Windows 11 soon.

First posted on X (formerly Twitter), a user discovered the new feature in the latest test version of the Windows 11 24H2 update. The feature is called “Automatic super-resolution” and reportedly “uses AI to make supported games play more smoothly with enhanced details.”

This new Windows feature sounds very similar to what Nvidia’s DLSS does. DLSS renders a game at a lower resolution and uses an AI-upscaling algorithm to display the game at a higher resolution. AMD has a similar feature called FSR. DLSS and FSR, in most cases, result in better image quality and increased performance. Nvidia’s DLSS is exclusive to RTX GPUs due to the feature utilizing the card’s tensor cores, while AMD FSR works on both AMD and Nvidia cards.

It will be interesting to see Windows’ new AI Super Resolution feature tested on games and whether it will have as big of an impact as DLSS or FSR. If the feature does have a positive impact on image quality and performance, it could make AI-upscaling in games more accessible to users on a greater variety of hardware. Also, another exciting aspect of this feature is the potential for older games that might not have any existing AI-upscaling support to benefit from this new built-in Windows 11 AI-upscaling feature.

Microsoft has not officially announced this new feature yet, and there is no release date for the new Windows 11 update.

Image credit: Microsoft

Source: The Verge 

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