Xbox Game Pass offering Paramount+ trial in hopes you’ll finally watch Halo’s Master Cheeks

The second season of the Paramount+ series premieres on February 8th

Halo Season 2 header

If you’ve been wondering whether you should give the Halo series a shot (or, in some cases, another shot), Xbox has an option for you.

To coincide with Halo‘s second season on Paramount+, those subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ($18.99/month) can snag a free 30-day trial to the service for a limited time only.

In Canada, you’ll get a one-month Paramount+ Standard plan, which costs $9.99/month. This membership only supports 1080p streams, with 4K being locked to the $13.99/month Premium subscription. You can have until April 7th, 2024 to claim the offer from the Game Pass app, your console, or the Xbox app on Windows, and until May 10th to redeem it.

Still, it’s one way to check out Paramount+ at no additional cost if you already have Game Pass. Given that the series reportedly costs a hefty $10 million USD (about $13.5 million CAD) per episode, Paramount clearly needs to bring in as many viewers as possible.

At the same time, reception to the first season was quite mixed, especially among fans, with specific criticism levelled against the show’s portrayal of iconic Halo hero Master Chief (Canada’s Pablo Schrieber). In particular, fans took umbrage not only with Chief frequently removing his helmet to show his face and, in one heavily memeworthy scene, even having sex, none of which he did in the games.

For his part, Schreiber has defended the lack of the helmet by arguing that constantly seeing his face is simply Halo being “tailored to the medium” of TV, but he did admit the sex scene — which has since led his version of the character to be dubbed “Master Cheeks” — was a “huge mistake.”

Elsewhere, Schrieber has been candid about how why he thinks Season 2 is better, and for the most part, critical reception for the series’ sophomore outing has so far been more positive.

Fans will get the chance to find out for themselves when Halo Season 2 premieres on Paramount+ worldwide on February 8th. Two episodes of the series will be available on that date before one new episode drops out every following Thursday.

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Source: Xbox

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