Anker’s Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger is one of the best iPhone accessories out there

This accessory is perfect for charging on the go

I’ve been using an older 12,000mAh Mophie battery pack for roughly 5-6 years and recently decided that since Apple has made the jump to USB-C and that MagSafe is far more viable, it’s time to upgrade.

I scoured the internet and researched devices from well-known mobile accessory makers, including Mophie, Aukey, Belkin and Anker. I quickly realized that there are a lot of MagSafe/Magnetic battery packs out there now, but I ultimately landed on Anker’s 5,000mAh Magnetic Portable Wireless charger because it’s MagSafe compatible, relatively sleek, and also doubles as a charging stand.

I likely won’t use the stand feature often, but it’s nice it’s there if I need it.

For those wondering, Anker likely didn’t want to pay for Apple’s expensive MFi license to officially support MagSafe, but its magnets are strong, and it attaches to the rear of my iPhone 15 Pro just like Apple’s accessories.

The fact that the latest version of Anker’s Magnetic Battery features a side USB-C port for recharging and charging other devices is a bonus. The stand portion of the battery pack is also pretty clever in the way it folds out from the back, allowing you to tuck it away if you don’t need it. It’ll also charge Qi-compatible Android devices, but you’ll need to ensure the smartphone is aligned properly (I assume the Magnetic Battery will also work with Qi2 devices when they are released).

I opted for the ‘Black’ version because I’m boring, but the wireless charger also comes in a few fun colours, including the hilariously named, ‘Buds Green,’ alongside ‘Dolomite White,’ ‘Lilac Purple’ and ‘Misty Blue.’

The battery pack is small enough that I can easily slide it into a small pouch in my backpack.

Some might argue that 5,000mAh is too small, but since I only use the magnetic battery pack to top up my iPhone 15 Pro’s battery life or to charge other smaller electronics when necessary, towards the end of a long day, I’ve found it to be more than big enough (at least so far). The charger even caught the attention of Dean Daley and Karandeep Oberoi at the MobileSyrup office (they both have purchased their own), convincing me that I should probably blog about it (and, of course, fill the post with affiliate links 💰).

If you’re looking to easily top-up your MagSafe-compatible iPhone’s battery, this battery pack is difficult to beat. Anker’s Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger is available on Amazon for $69.99. A cheaper version with the same 5,000mAh battery capacity but no ‘stand’ feature is currently available for $40.99.

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