KISS introduces new digital avatars that will continue to play shows on their behalf

You gotta lose your mind in Avatar Rock City

It goes without saying that KISS is one of, if not the greatest rock n roll bands of all time. Now, after the conclusion of the ‘End of the Road World Tour,’ the band is ushering in a new era that is a lot more digital than just streaming their music online.

The band wrapped up its nearly four-year-long final tour at Madison Square Garden on December 2nd, with the final song on a massive 23-track setlist being “Rock and Roll All Nite.” What would have been a near-perfect “ride off into the sunset,” so to speak, was followed up with a screen behind the stage displaying silhouette outlines of four digital avatars of the band members.

Frontman Paul Stanley then confirmed the audience’s suspicion: “Kiss army, your love, your power, has made us immortal. The new Kiss era starts now!”

Immortal? Like, this isn’t the actual end of the road? Was this all just another phony farewell tour like the band has done countless times before? Well… sorta.

It appears that the “new era” KISS is referring to will have digital avatars of the band perform shows now that the band is calling it quits. The company responsible, Pophouse Entertainment, has already done digital concerts with ABBA for over a year now, and it looks like KISS is next on the list.

Take a look at the spectacle below:

Pophouse confirmed the news shortly after with a press release that stated that “immersive, avatar-powered” KISS shows will be put on by the company.

Some may call the move cheap, tacky and even maybe selling out, but KISS is no stranger to turning a profit through merch and partnerships. It looks like these avatar shows will do exactly that, with Bloomberg reporting that the ABBA avatar shows are earning $2 million every week.

There is currently no word on whether the Gene Simmons avatar will throw up the devil horns and stick its tongue out yet, but if it doesn’t, I for one, will surely be disappointed.

Image credit: KISS YouTube Channel (screenshot)

Via: The Verge

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