Freedom reduced the data included on its $34 and $40 plans

Both plans included 50GB of data for Black Friday, but now are $34/25G and $40/45GB

Freedom Mobile has downgraded some of its plans now that the Black Friday fervour is finished.

The company reduced the amount of data available on two of its 5G plans. First, the $34/mo plan went from 50GB of data to 25GB. The plan price includes a $5/mo Digital Discount (for using automatic payments) and a $5/mo credit for 24 months when you bring your own phone (BYOP).

Next, Freedom’s $40/mo plan also went from 50GB of data to 45GB. Again, the price includes the $5/mo Digital Discount and $5/mo BYOP credit for 24 months.

Both of these plans include unlimited Canada-wide talk and text.

At the time of writing, Freedom’s $45/mo 50GB Canada-U.S., $55/mo 60GB Canada-U.S.-Mexico and $65/mo 60GB ‘Roam Beyond’ plans remain unchanged.

You can find Freedom’s plans here.

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