Spotify Wrapped is back: Check out your top listens of 2023

It's time to be embarrassed by your Spotify listening habits again

Spotify Wrapped is back this year with new updates, including revamped design elements and features to improve the experience.

Check out your Spotify Wrapped here.

This year’s Wrapped features cool design elements that are more fun than last year’s. They’re kind of groovy and remind me of the 70s, mixed with elements from SpongeBob SquarePants. Spotify Wrapped is also available on desktop by heading to Spotify’s website. Another new feature categorizes users into different titles, such as ‘Vampire’ for those who listen to music at night, and ‘Time Traveller’ for people who like to listen to music repeatedly.

Further, Wrapped now includes ‘Sound Town,’ allowing you to view other Spotify users with similar music tastes. Blend and DJ also offer new Spotify Wrapped features as well. For example, Blend now lets users combine all their top songs into one playlist.

And if you tune into DJ this year, you can find all your best listening from 2023, including information about some of these top songs. Spotify for Artists and Spotify for Podcasters can supply tools for creators to learn about listening habits.

Artists have also left messages for their fans, meaning listeners will get a message from one of their favourite artists.

Spotify Wrapped also revealed that Taylor Swift was the top listened-to artist of 2023 globally, with over 26 billion streams. 1989 Taylor’s Version was the most listened-to album in one day. If you listen to Taylor Swift starting tomorrow, you’ll see a sparkling progress card at the bottom.

Other top streamed global artists include Bad Bunny, The Weeknd, Drake and Peso Pluma. Canadian artists Drake and The Weeknd also were among the top U.S. artists.

Flowers by Miley Cyrus had 1.6 billion streams, making it the top-streamed song of 2023. Kill Bill, As It Was, Seven and Ella Baila Sola were among the top songs. The Weeknd’s StarBoy was the fourth top album of 2023, with Bad Bunny leading the pack.

Spotify has also revealed the top podcast of 2023 is The Joe Rogan Experience.

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