Google will put Assistant’s animal of the day out to pasture

Pour one out for parents

Google Assistant on a Pixel 7a

Google says it will put down Assistant’s animal of the day feature at the end of November, which is a major blow to parents everywhere.

As spotted by 9to5Google, a warning that showed up in Google Assistant said the animal of the day feature will go away at the end of November. Animal of the day, for those who may not have experienced it, is an Assistant feature that would pick an animal and share several facts about said animal.

For example, asking what the animal of the day is on November 29th brought up information about kingfishers, detailing how they have bright colours and, as the name implies, love eating fish.

Using the animal of the day feature on an Assistant-powered smart speaker would also yield additional details, such as playing a clip of the sound the animal makes. It’s also interactive, with users able to ask follow-up questions to learn more about the animal.

While it may not seem like a major feature, the loss of animal of the day is a real bummer for parents. My toddler loves learning about the animal of the day and hearing the animal sounds on our smart speaker. But now it’ll just be another entry in the Google Graveyard (maybe we’ll get a ‘dead Google product of the day’ to replace it).

Source: 9to5Google

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