Save money and boost your home Wi-Fi with Amazon’s Eero Pro 6E deal

Amazon also has the 2020-released Eero Pro 6 on sale

Amazon introduced the Eero Pro 6E in 2022. The device, which aims to improve wireless internet coverage in and around your home, is currently discounted on Amazon as part of its Black Friday sale.

The Eero Pro 6E operates on the 6 GHz band, allowing multiple devices to use the internet at once without congestion — great for dense network environments like offices.

The new Eero Pro 6E can support over 100 devices simultaneously, with speeds up to 2.3Gbps, which is great for gaming, streaming 8K videos and live streaming. Additionally, since the device has two ethernet ports (2.5 GbE and 1.0 GbE), the Eero Pro 6E can support multigigabit internet plans.

The system consists of one or more eero Pro 6E routers, which can be placed in different rooms to create a seamless mesh network. A single Eero Pro 6E covers up to 190 square metresf and a 3-pack covers up to 560 square metres.

If you’re in need of improving your home internet coverage, check out Amazon’s Black Friday deals on the Eero Pro 6E and the Eero Pro 6.

Find all Eero deals on Amazon here.

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