Some Pixel 8 users notice bumps on inside of display panel

Google has yet to officially acknowledge this issue

Some Pixel 8 users have noticed that small bumps and ripples are showing up inside the display panel. These little bumps likely mean that components inside the handsets are pressing against the display.

People affected by this issue have logged the complaints on Reddit and Google Support forums, and some have received replacement devices from Google.

Weird dents/bumps behind the screen on Google Pixel 8 (non pro model)
byu/marlotrot inGooglePixel

The users that have reported the issue say that the bumps don’t affect the device’s performance or the display’s colours, and that they are difficult to notice unless you look for them under specific lighting conditions.

Some more techy users believe the issue is caused by an internal spring-like component pressing against the screen.

Google has yet to give a response about this issue. However, if you’ve noticed a problem like this on your Pixel 8, let Google know. Have you encountered this problem with your Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: marlotrot (Reddit) Via: Android Authority

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