Freedom Mobile offering double data on sub-$30/month 4G plans

These options are excellent for those who don't need a ton of data

While there’s been a lot of focus on Freedom Mobile’s 5G plans, the company is bringing the heat with some 4G offers, too.

Currently, Freedom is offering multiple sub-$30 4G plans with sizeable data buckets thanks to ongoing double data promotions. Check ’em out below:

  • $24/month 2GB 4G LTE (includes 1GB of bonus data)
  • $29/month 6GB 4G LTE (includes 3GB of bonus data)
  • $29/month 10GB 4G LTE (price includes $5/mo bring your own phone credit, lasts 24 months)
  • $19/month 500MB 4G LTE (includes 250MB bonus data)

It’s worth noting that all of the above plans include Freedom’s $5/mo Digital Discount applied for setting up pre-authorized payments.

Moreover, Freedom notes that the bonus data isn’t available for customers who upgrade their phone through its ‘My Account’ service. That said, Freedom said customers will receive the bonus data every month as long as they “remain active on an eligible plan for that bonus data amount.”

The sub-$30 price of these plans puts them ahead of most offers from other Canadian providers, making them ideal for customers who don’t want 5G data and don’t want to pay a ton of money each month. That said, some providers are coming close with promotional offers like $34/20GB plans.

You can find Freedom’s plans here.

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