Rogers launches 5G mobile plan for low-income Canadians

Low-income Canadians can also get a free Samsung Galaxy A14 or Motorola G 5G with the $25/mo 3GB plan

Rogers announced a new program that aims to make 5G service accessible for more than 2.5 million low-income Canadians.

The company’s ‘Connected for Success 5G Mobile Plan’ will allow eligible low-income Canadians to get a $25/mo plan with 3GB of 5G data (speeds of up to 250Mbps) with unlimited use at reduced speeds of up to 512Kbps beyond the allotment. Additionally, the plan includes unlimited Canada-wide talk and text, and unlimited international text and picture/video messaging sent from Canada.

Alongside the plan, Rogers will offer a ‘no-cost’ Samsung Galaxy A14 or Motorola G 5G smartphone to eligible low-income Canadians. The phones usually cost $386 or $364, respectively, but Rogers will offer them for $0/mo financing (after a bill credit) and $0 down on approved credit with the Connected for Success 5G plan.

Rogers confirmed to MobileSyrup that the program is its own and isn’t connected to a government initiative.

Rogers isn’t the only carrier offering a plan tailored to low-income earners, though it appears the company’s is the only one to have 5G speed.

Telus’ ‘Mobility for Good’ program has a similar $25/mo 3GB plan for low-income seniors. However, Telus’ plan only specifies “high-speed data,” and instead of a free phone, Telus offers a $75 discount off the purchase of a phone from Mobile Klinik. The company also has a program for youth leaving foster care — the plan includes the same data and calling options but is free for two years.

MobileSyrup was not able to find a similar program offered by Bell and has reached out to the company to learn if it offers one.

To put the plan in perspective, there are few in-market offers from wireless providers that come close to matching the $25/3GB plan Rogers has, and none of them include 5G data or a free phone:

Rogers’ Connected for Success program also offers internet and TV options for low-incoming Canadians.

To access the program, Canadians need to receive eligible support for provincial and/or federal governments. In Ontario, for example, eligible support programs include the Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP), Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), Connecting Families Program, Rent geared to income (RGI), Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), or Ontario Works (OW). You can learn more about eligible programs here.

In a press release about the program, Rogers highlighted its other affordability efforts, including the company’s program offering 48-month device financing through its credit card. Rogers markets this as a way to lower monthly phone payments “by up to 50%,” but the program appears to be a way to bypass the CRTC’s restrictions on phone contracts that are longer than two years.

You can learn more about Rogers’ Connected for Success 5G Mobile Plan here.

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