Apple reportedly ramps up testing of autonomous driving vehicle features

The company has added five new drivers since January 2023 to test the Autonomous Driving features

Apple is reportedly testing its Autonomous Driving features on California’s roads, according to data from the California DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), via AppleInsider.

The California DMV requires companies to register key details such as the number of drivers and vehicles used for autonomous driving testing. Apple has 67 vehicles and 201 drivers registered for testing autonomous driving features on public roads, the DMV says.

According to MacReports, Apple had 196 authorized testers in January 2023 and has since added five new drivers to test the Autonomous Driving features. The DMV’s data indicates that Apple is not a part of the list of driverless testers that is testing for completely autonomous cars with no drivers. However, the company is committed to testing self-driving cars with a driver present. Apple is registered alongside other manufacturers such as Mercedes, Waymo, Tesla, Nvidia and Zoox.

Apple reported one minor collision during the first quarter of 2023, in which the vehicle’s tire and rim made contact with a curb, and authorities were not involved. Since registering, Apple has reported a total of 16 collisions in California.

Rumours of an Apple Car have been swirling for years, with the company reportedly working on autonomous driving technology and even acquiring self-driving car startups. Apple’s car layout includes a steering wheel and pedals, contrary to previous reports indicating that the vehicle wouldn’t include conventional car control input.

The car will reportedly be powered by a custom Apple chip and will feature a price tag under $100,000 USD (roughly $137,000 CAD), ensuring it’s a luxury vehicle. The Apple car isn’t likely to come out before 2026.

Source: California DMV Via: AppleInsider

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