Suspected thieves caught after Tesla getaway car needed charging

The pair of alleged thieves stole electric toothbrushes, gaming systems, guns, a Gibson guitar, bullets and more from a local Sam's Club in Buford, Georgia

Two alleged thieves were caught by police after stealing over $8,000 in electronics from a local Sam’s Club in Buford, Georgia.

As shared by Insider, the two thieves were caught roughly 16km away from the location of the heist. How were they caught so quickly? They had to stop to charge their getaway Tesla.

The stolen items, as reported by the Gwinnett County Police Twitter feed, included electric toothbrushes, gaming systems, guns, a Gibson guitar, bullets, and a significant amount of marijuana.

Witnesses to the robbery alerted police officers that the pair had fled in a Tesla, and the description was simultaneously broadcasted to other officers in the area. They were soon apprehended.

This is not the first time that Tesla technology has thwarted the escape attempts of thieves. In 2019, an Arizona woman reportedly stole a Tesla, but it ran out of battery during her escape, while back in 2015, a Canadian Tesla owner used location tracking to assist RCMP in finding their stolen vehicle.

Source: Insider

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