Will you use the Tim Hortons app knowing it stole your data?

You need to sign back into the mobile app to get your freebie

Tim Hortons’ mobile app, unfortunately, collected data without users’ consent. Those who used the fast food chain’s iOS or Android app between April 1st, 2019 and September 2020 are affected.

Starting February 1st, Tim Hortons started reaching out to customers to inform them that they can sign into their Tim Hortons account to claim free items in the ‘Offers’ section. But to get your free beverage or baked goods, you need to download and sign back into Tim Hortons’ mobile app. If this sounds somewhat backward, you likely aren’t alone in those thoughts.

Will you return to the Tim Hortons app for free goodies even though the company knowingly stole your data?

You can learn more about data collection from the Tim Hortons app and the class-action lawsuit from our coverage here.

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