Ookla’s Q4 Speedtest Intelligence report ranks Bell with the best 5G performance

Rogers provided the fastest fixed broadband download speeds

According to Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence, no national mobile provider in Canada stood out for its download speeds.

Telus provided download speeds of 100.53Mbps, Bell 99.86Mbps and Rogers 77.75Mbps, according to the Speedtest Intelligence report for Q4, 2022.

No brand ranked first for consistency either, which examines how often providers meet the threshold for download and upload speeds.

However, when it came to upload speeds on its own, Rogers was the clear winner. The Toronto-based telecom provider had 12.21Mbps upload speeds, followed by Telus at 10.83Mbps and Bell at 10.01Mbps.

Bell has the best 5G performance, with a  5G media download speed of 170.15Mbps. Telus followed with 158.40Mbps and Rogers with 117.14Mbps.

Fixed broadband

Rogers delivered the fastest download speed in Q4, with 249.08Mbps. Shaw followed with 231.26Mbps, and Bell rounded out the top three at 192.18Mbps.

Bell offered the fastest upload speed at 156.80Mbps. Telus offered a speed of 132.89Mbps and Shaw of 70.31Mbps.

Rogers also ranked first with consistency with more than 91 percent of results showing the provider had 25Mbps minimum download speed and 3Mbps upload speed.


There was also no statistical winner when examining the fastest devices available in Canada. However, Apple devices Ookla examined fared better than Samsung devices. Apple’s iPhone 14 line was slightly better than the Galaxy S22+ and the Galaxy S21+ 5G.

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Examining chipset info, Ookla found the Snapdragon X65 5G had the fastest median download speed.

Source: Ookla

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