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MobileSyrup’s EV Gift Guide [2022 Edition]

Power up your EV with some awesome accessories

Electric vehicle (EV) sales have been on the rise for some time now, with a global spike in gas prices. In my home province of Nova Scotia, EV adaption has seen exponential growth. With nearly every car manufacturer entering the EV space, we will only continue to see EV adoption climb. However, perhaps you or someone in your life already has an EV or will be taking ownership of one soon. In that case, as always, MobileSyrup has your back with a holiday gift guide!

Although Teslas currently make up the majority of electric vehicles on the road, this gift guide aims to provide you with ideas for an EV owner of any brand. I also avoided including large purchases like Tesla charging adapters and EV home chargers. While these do too make great gifts, I want this guide to have reasonably affordable items that people will rationally give.

Here’s MobileSyrup’s 2022 EV gift guide:

Safety Gear

While no one ever wants to be stranded on the side of the road, accidents and emergencies happen. Although there are some excellent premade emergency kits, I recommend using the Federal Government’s “Get Prepared” emergency car kit website as a guide to making your own.

Safety is something many of us often either ignore or forget about. So, giving someone the gift of safety is a wonderful idea. Three specific callouts: a car emergency escape tool, LED road flares and a first aid kit. In the event of an emergency, a car emergency escape tool is used to cut your seat belt and shatter your windshield when you need to escape the vehicle.

For the possibility that you may be broken down on the side of the road at night, LED road flares help to keep your vehicle noticeable until help can arrive. A first aid kit is meant to be there, ready and waiting to address a cut or injury. Amazon has lots of options for all three of these items.

Order a car emergency escape tool two-pack for $14.99 or a four-pack for $21.99

Order the HOKENA five-pack of LED road flares for $50.99

Order the Oziral compact first aid kit for $35.99


Canadian winters can really suck. During my first winter owning a Tesla Model 3, I discovered the pains of stuck door handles and frozen windows. It’s almost like these cars were designed in California…Regardless, I also discovered a magical product called de-icer.

Many EVs and premium vehicles have fancy door handles or frameless windows. So, grabbing a can or two of de-icer is an excellent stocking stuffer. Spraying a little (or a lot) of de-icer thaws these components quickly, making the winter slightly less inconvenient.

Order a 500g container of Rain-X windshield de-icer for $11.99 on Amazon

MagSafe Car Mount

This next one is exclusively for iPhone users. Specifically iPhone 12 and above models that support MagSafe. While many excellent regular car mounts are available, MagSafe is really in a league of its own in terms of functionality, style and convenience.

For Tesla and Ford Mustang Mach-E drivers, Spigen makes a stylish iPhone mount that adheres to the rear of your vehicle’s display. Spigen sells two versions of their iPhone mount; a charging variant capable of charging up to 7.5W and a non-charging version.

For all other EV owners, take a look at Belkin’s MagSafe car mounts that attach to the vehicle’s AC vents. Belkin also makes two versions of their mount; a charging variant that supports charging up to 15W and a non-charging version.

Order Spigen’s non-charging MagSafe car mount for $44.99 or their charging mount for $49.99, both on Amazon

Buy Belkin’s non-charging MagSafe car mount for $49.95 or its charging mount for $139.95, both from Apple

Hand Vacuum

Our vehicles have a habit of becoming a gathering place for dirt. Before buying an EV, I didn’t care much about my car’s appearance. But now, I like it to be presentable at all times. A hand vacuum is an excellent item to help keep your EV clear year-round. It makes for a small accessory to quickly suck up crumbs and dirt without needing to haul out a larger vacuum.

Order a cordless hand vacuum on Amazon for $35.99

Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths are a staple in the tech community, and now that many EVs have touchscreens, it makes sense to keep one or two in the car. Touch screens and glossy interiors, like what my Model 3 has, get smudged so quickly. Keeping a microfibre cloth on hand is nice to promptly wipe those prints away.

Order a two-pack of 12 x 24-inch microfibre clothes on Amazon for $14.49

Repair Tools

In many respects, EVs are giant electronics. These following two items are great gifts if the person you’re buying for is a do-it-yourself-er. First is the 64-bit iFixit Driver Kit. IFixit is best known for its smartphone repair tools. However, these tools are also great for working on your EV. Over the summer, I swapped out my Model 3’s air filters and unexpectedly needed a unique screw bit. Thankfully, My iFixit tool kit was there to help me out.

The 64-bit iFixit tool kit features sixty-four unique screwdriver bits, a metal screwdriver handle, and a flexible bit extender.

Second, we have automotive trim removal tools. This five-tool kit is used to remove and pry parts and trim off of your vehicle to conduct repairs or parts swaps. Included in the kit are four plastic pry tools and a metal one.

Order the 64-bit iFixit driver kit for $59.99 and the automotive trim removal tool for $11.34

EV T-shirt

Who doesn’t enjoy showing off their personal style through clothing? So, of course, you can purchase t-shirts to express your love for electric vehicles! A seller on Etsy sells t-shirts and hoodies with an icon of the J-1772 plug. Colours include black, navy and dark heather. Tesla sells a wide range of apparel on their website, including t-shirts and sweaters.

The J-1772 t-shirt is available on Etsy starting at $34.21, and Tesla t-shirts are available on its website starting at $40

Car Trash Bag

Whether from fast food packaging or empty drink bottles, our cars sometimes become mini landfills. A small gift you can give this holiday is a car trash bag. Femuar’s car trash bag is leakproof and is available in six different colours and patterns. This bag attaches one of the front seats and measures 9.25 by 5.25 by 10.75 inches.

Order Femuar’s car trash bag on Amazon starting at $19.99

Pet Liner

We all love our pets. However, you probably don’t love their fur. As a loving dog owner, I can say that my dog sheds like a monster. That’s why I recommend a pet liner for the back seat of your EV. Avoid the EV from being covered in drool and fur by grabbing a pet liner.

Order a pet liner on Amazon in either black or grey for $39.99

Tesla Charger Lock

Most EV owners agree that it is just poor EV etiquette to unplug another driver while they’re charging at a public station. Yet, sometimes this still does happen. Sadly, this is a more significant challenge for non-Tesla EVs. While Tesla has a built-in locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized detachment while charging, this is still an issue while using an adapter. A nice small gift to give a Tesla owner this holiday season is a charger lock for charging at a J1772 charger to prevent unauthorized unplugging.

Order a charger lock on Amazon for $11.99

MobileSyrup utilizes affiliate partnerships. These partnerships do not influence our editorial content, though MobileSyrup may earn a commission on purchases made via these links that helps fund the journalism provided free on our website.

MobileSyrup may earn a commission from purchases made via our links, which helps fund the journalism we provide free on our website. These links do not influence our editorial content. Support us here.

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