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MobileSyrup’s top gifts for home offices [2022 Edition]

Level up someone's workspace with these awesome accessories

Remote work has been on the rise since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although some workplaces have asked their employees to return to the office, many of us still work remotely.

With the holidays approaching quickly, you may be looking for a little extra something to give to yourself or that remote working in your life. While you’re at it, we also have accessory guides for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users.

Here are MobileSyrup’s top gifts for home offices:

Uncrowned Desk Pad

If you or someone in your life doesn’t have a mat on their desk, this is a must-buy. Leather desk mats are a stellar accent accessory to level up any desk setup. I recommend Uncrowned’s desk mat. It’s black and made of vegan leather. Their desk mats are waterproof and come in 31.5 x 15.7-inches or 35.4 x 17.7-inches.

Order a 31.5-inch Uncrowned desk mat for $21.99 or a 35.4-inch for $29.99, both on Amazon

IKEA Svensås Magnet Board

Perhaps my favourite but most unrated Ikea purchase must be their Svensås magnet board. This magnet board comes in black and measures 15.75-inch by 23.5-inch. I found that a magnet board makes for an excellent place for papers to live until they are digitized or ready to be recycled. Ikea’s Svensås magnet board is just the right size, not too big or too small. It makes for an excellent addition to any home office.

Buy Ikea Svensås board for only $14.99 on its website

Twelve South PowerPic

Looking for a personal but functional touch for your home office? Look no further than the TwelveSouth PowerPic! Day-to-day, the PowerPic is a 5×7 picture frame to hold one of your favourite memories. However, place your smartphone in the frame, and suddenly you have a 10W wireless charger.

TwelveSouth’s PowerPic is available from Best Buy for $119.99 in black or white

Anker Magnetic Charging Station

Cables. Cables. Cables. So many cables. Anker has a neat solution to help with your cable troubles. Anker’s MagGo, or magnetic wireless charging station, is a multi-port charging hub for every device. This 4-inch black sphere comfortably plugs into the wall with a single flat-headed cable. On the front of the black sphere is a MagSafe wireless charger for iPhone 12 and above. On the back are three AC plugs, two USB-A ports, and two 65W USB-C ports. 

Order the Anker Magnetic Charging Station on Amazon for $134.99

LEGO Bonsai Tree

We could all use a little more greenery in our home office space. Yet, you may not have a green thumb if you’re anything like me. Well, Lego has you covered. The Lego bonsai tree is a creative way to add a little greenery to your space without looking after a plant. The Lego bonsai tree is fun to build and even comes with two different types of leaves; green leaves and pink blossoms to help match the season or your personal style. 

Purchase the Lego Bonsai Tree from Lego’s website for $69.99

VAYDEER Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rests

Ergonomics is critical to avoiding repetitive stress injuries. Yet, it’s something that many of us either ignore or forget about. So, with the holidays coming up, do something nice, and purchase some thoughtful ergonomics accessories. 

The VAYDEER keyboard and mouse wrist rests are an excellent place to start. These accessories help elevate your rests while using your keyboard and mouse, helping to reduce wrist strain and the possibility of long-term injuries. 

You can order the VAYDEER keyboard and mouse wrist rests on Amazon for $25.99

ZuHucpts Anti Fatigue Standing Mat

Next up with the ergonomics recommendations is an anti-fatigue standing mat. If you or someone you know has an adjustable sit-stand desk, make sure they are also using an anti-fatigue mat. Floors are brutal and nasty for our ergonomic well-being. An anti-fatigue mat helps reduce strain while allowing you to get out of your chair more often. The ZuHucpts is my anti-fatigue mat of choice. It measures 36×24″ and is waterproof. 

Order the ZuHucpts anti-fatigue standing mat on Amazon for $44.99

ErgoFoam Foot Rest

A good footrest is another excellent office accessory to help improve your ergonomics during those long work sessions. The ErgoFoam footrest is one of many great options out there. It elevates your feet while working, helping to make your seating position more comfortable and supportive. The inside of the ErgoFoam footrest is a high-density form, while the outside is a removable, washable mesh cover. 

Order the ErgoFoam footrest from Amazon for $71.99

Laptop Stand

There shouldn’t be a compromise between style and ergonomics. A nice metal laptop stand is an excellent way to accomplish both goals while also giving your laptop a dedicated home. Rain Design makes a hefty, stylish, fixed-angle stand in silver, gold, and space grey. Meanwhile, Besign makes a lighter, height-adjustable option in black and silver. While Rain Design looks nicer in my books, they’re both made of aluminum and make for excellent options that look stellar on a desk. 

Order the Rain Design stand on Amazon for $64.98 and the Besign adjustable stand for $37.99

Meross Smart Plugs

Meross is one of my favourite smart home brands bringing affordability and quality. Smart plugs are an excellent way to remotely turn an accessory on and off. Smart plugs’ most popular use case is controlling lamps via a smartphone or smart speaker. Meross smart plugs support Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. So, regardless of your smart home ecosystem, give the gift of convenience this holiday season with Meross smart plugs. 

Order Meross smart plugs on Amazon; 1 pack for $19.99, 2 pack for $39.99, or a 4 pack for $59.99

Meross Floor Lamp

Meross’ floor lamp is one of the company’s more recent products. While this is an actual floor lamp, it can also easily be adjusted into a side table lamp or a desk lamp attachable via an included clamp. 

The Meross floor lamp comes in three pieces plus a base plate. Connecting all three pieces together with the base plate gives you a floor lamp. Using the base plate with the top third gives you a side table lamp, and the top third with the included desk clamp allows you to clip it to any table or desk. 

Of course, these lights are also WiFi-controlled, just like the company’s smart plugs meaning you can control them from your smartphone or smart speaker. I bought two of them and attached them to my desk using the included clamp. Now, I control the lamp’s brightness through Apple HomeKit for video call lighting. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are also supported. 

Order a Meross floor lamp on Amazon for $99.99

Meross Light Strip

We’ve all seen fun, colourful lighting in the background of YouTube videos. Why not deck out your home office with some colourful lighting? A smart light strip is an excellent way to do this. Meross is my brand of choice for this. Meross’ RGB light strips support Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. They’re the definition of fun and stylish. 

Order a 16ft Meross light strip from Amazon for $39.99 and a 32ft for $49.99

Paper Shredder

While most of our focus is on digital privacy, physical privacy is important too. A paper shredder is a home office must-have to help protect you and your family’s privacy. Whether it’s a piece of mail from your bank or an expired credit card, shredding that document is the best way to maintain your privacy. AmazonBasics is a brand I’ve gotten a lot of reliability out of. I’ve used an AmazonBasics paper shredder for years, and it’s still going strong. 

Order an AmazonBasics paper shredder for $78.27 on Amazon

LaMetric WiFi Clock

The LaMetric WiFi clock is the most expensive item on this list, but it is one of the coolest. The LaMetric WiFi clock is a digital clock with a pixel display to show various apps and metrics. Some metrics LaMetric can display include weather, text messages, calendar events, Twitter followers, and even the ability to create DIY apps. There are thousands of clock faces to choose from, plus it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. 

Order the LaMetric WiFi clock on Amazon for $290.83

Mini Smart Speaker

There are a few smart accessories on this list, and you likely have more at home. An excellent addition to any home office is a smart speaker. A smart speaker can do things like wireless control your home office lighting, tell you the weather, and stream music, all from your voice. While there are different sizes of smart speakers, I recommend a mini smart speaker as an excellent home office addition. 

There are three major brands of smart speakers, Apple’s HomePod mini using Siri, the Google Home mini using Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Echo Dot using Alexa. Apple’s HomePod mini comes in space grey (black), white, blue, orange, and red. The Google Home mini comes in chalk (white), charcoal (black), coral (pink), and sky (blue). Amazon’s Echo Dot comes in charcoal (black), white, and blue. 

You can order the Echo Dot from Amazon for $69.99, the HomePod mini for $129.99, and the Google Home mini for $49.99, both from Best Buy

MobileSyrup utilizes affiliate partnerships. These partnerships do not influence our editorial content, though MobileSyrup may earn a commission on purchases made via these links that helps fund the journalism provided free on our website.

MobileSyrup may earn a commission from purchases made via our links, which helps fund the journalism we provide free on our website. These links do not influence our editorial content. Support us here.

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