Some 2023 Model 3 Teslas are hitting the road with Model Y’s turn signals

The vehicle has both, the C-style brake lights and the Amber turn signals

Tesla might reportedly be producing the Model 3 Performance variant with its higher-end Model Y‘s tail lights, as spotted by a buyer this week, and reported by TeslaNorth.

The buyer (u/InformalSky8443), who picked up their vehicle in Forth Worth, Texas, wrote on Reddit that their vehicle has both the C-style brake lights and the Amber turn signals.  “I think I lucked out because they gave me one with Model Y tail lights,” wrote u/InformalSky8443. “Or was there a design change?”

Other users commented on u/InformalSky8443 post, saying their 2023 Model 3 comes with Red turn lights, while a different user said, “I ordered mine on Sept 9 and picked up on Oct 29 and have the amber turn signals.”

Similarly, a different user pointed out a study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that determined that “amber signals show a 5.3 percent effectiveness in reducing two-vehicle crashes where a lead vehicle is rear struck in the act of turning left, turning right, merging into traffic, changing lanes, or entering/leaving a parking space.”

This doesn’t seem to be a mixup. Amber signals are reportedly a standard for cars in Europe and Australia. Tesla Model Y was updated to feature Amber turn signals soon after its launch in 2020, and now it seems that the upgrade is making its way to the Model 3.

Source: u/InformalSky8443, Via: TeslaNorth

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