Pokémon shows off Iron Treads and Great Tusks alongside event Charizard

You'll only be able to catch one of these event Charizards per save file

The Pokémon Company’s latest trailer shows off glimpses of what might be two new forms of a generation-two Pokémon, the Dragon Tera Type, and more.

First, let’s get into what might be evolutions or a new form of the rock/ground-Type Pokémon, Donphan. According to the Pokémon website, there will be a Scarlet Book and Violet Book, which are record expeditions written from a long time ago. The NPC Arven will carry one of these books, depending on which game you’re playing.

The first we’re seeing of this book is a look at two “monsters” known as Great Tusk and Iron Treads — which both look to be forms or evolutions of Donphan. All we know, however, is Great Tusk will be in Scarlet, and Iron Treads will be in Violet.

While unconfirmed, it looks like there will be ‘past’ and ‘future’ forms in these upcoming titles. This wouldn’t be the first this has been theorized, given the legendary Pokémon Koraidon and Miraidon and the professors Turo and Sada.

Alongside Great Tusk and Iron Treads, we saw the first look at the Dragon Tera Type. With the Dragon Tera Type, we learned that there will be an event in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, letting players compete in a Raid Battle to catch a Charizard with the Dragon Tera Type and the Mightiest Mark. A Mightiest Mark is a unique Pokémon memory that appears in the Status Summary for Pokémon caught in seven-star Tera Raid Battles. A Pokémon with the Mightiest Mark will be classified as Unrivalled, and you’ll only be able to catch one of them per save file.

This Charizard will be available from  Thursday, December 1, 2022, at 7pm — Sunday, December 4, 2022, at 6:59pm ET and also Thursday, December 15, 2022, at 7pm – Sunday, December 18th 2022, at 6:59 pm ET.

You can find these special Charizards in Black Tera Raid crystals.

Over the weekend, the Pokémon Company also revealed Gimmighoul, a Pokémon that hides in chests and has two forms. The second form, ‘Roaming Form,’ is when a Ghimmighoul leaves its chest and carries a small coin on its back. It seems that this Pokémon can only be caught in this form in Pokémon Go.

It’s worth noting that there are a lot of Pokémon leaks currently circulating, and if you’re like me and want to stay unspoiled, you might want to start muting  “Pokémon” from your social media.

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