You can undo automatic security patches in iOS 16

Apple has added a way for users to remove Rapid Security Response System updates manually

Apple will soon let you roll back certain security patches installed by iOS 16’s Rapid Security Response System (RSRS), but that doesn’t mean you should play around with it.

The new RSRS feature can install security patches to your device without having to update or restart it. You can now reportedly remove said RSRS updates manually, as spotted in a support document by MacRumors.

Apple’s support document states that you can remove the update by going to Settings > General > About > iOS version, and then tapping ‘Remove Security Update.’

It is not currently clear why Apple would allow users to undo security patches, and why users would want to roll back updates that keep their device secure. It might that the feature is for IT managers and machines with work-related software, though you should likely leave the functionality alone unless you fully understand what you’re doing.

The RSRS feature is turned on by default in iOS 16, though it can be turned off by going into Settings > General > Software Update > Automatic Updates >  and toggling ‘Security Responses & System Files’ off.

RSRS will also be available on devices running macOS Ventura, once the operating system is released.

Image credit: Mockuphone

Source: MacRumors

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