YouTube’s new corrections feature makes it easier for creators to fix mistakes

Instead of re-uploading a video, creators can add a corrections card that appears at a certain timestamp

YouTube has a new ‘corrections’ feature that will make it easier for YouTubers to more easily add fixes to their videos if they make a mistake.

Currently, if a YouTuber makes a mistake in a video, they can edit and re-upload the video, add a note to the description or pin a comment with the correction. None of those are ideal solutions — the first risks losing comments and engagement metrics, while the other options are easily missed by viewers.

The new corrections feature, on the other hand, lets creators add more obvious corrections to a video without needing to take it down, edit, and re-upload. The new system will display corrections via an info card in the top-right corner of the video. Viewers can click or tap the card to view more details in the video’s description. Check out the example from YouTube below to see how it looks:

YouTube’s new corrections feature | Source: YouTube

The Verge notes that the new correction only appears to show a card for the first correction in a given video.

While not perfect, the new corrections feature should work as a decent alternative to re-uploading a video. Any YouTubers out there curious to learn how the feature works can check out Google’s support page here. You can also find details about it on YouTube’s ‘Creator Insider’ channel.

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Source: YouTube, (2) Via: The Verge

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