Instagram going back to its roots, tests chronological feeds

Instagram is now testing 'Following' and 'Favorite' viewing options, which are the new chronological feeds

It looks like Instagram is testing a feature that many of us missed for years — chronological feeds. A new version of the social media platform lets users switch between chronological and algorithmically-sorted feeds.

Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, explained in a recent tweet that the platform will offer three feeds. ‘Home,’ the experience we’re seeing now that features ranked content based on algorithms of what Instagram thinks you’re interested in. Following that, is ‘Favorites,’ a chronological feed of accounts that aims to ensure you don’t miss content from your favourite people.

Lastly, is ‘Following,’ a chronological feed of the posts from only accounts you follow. This is similar to how Instagram operated several years ago.

Mosseri confirmed that tests are currently rolling out and that users should expect the full release by the first half of this year.

Instagram announced the return of chronological feeds back at the beginning of December.

Source: @mosseri

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