Google is finally redesigning the Play Store website

The new design is aligned with how the Play Store looks on Android

Google Play Store on Pixel 4a

Finally! Google is reportedly redesigning the web version of the Play Store, a change that’s been a long time coming.

Android Police reports that the redesign is part of a server-side switch and isn’t widely available yet. Some people have had luck changing their Play Store to a different location (Korea and Taiwan reportedly work, although I couldn’t replicate it myself).

Regardless, Google redesigned Play Store goes from the old look (from the early days of Material Design) to what appears to be the current Play Store design blown up for larger displays. It generally looks good, although it really does look like the mobile Play Store stretched out for big screens on individual app pages.

Beyond that, there’s not a lot to say about the new Play Store design beyond that it’s modern, for better and worse. There’s now a navigation bar along the top for switching between apps and games. The Google account switcher in the top-right corner now hides a menu with access to subscriptions, order history and more.

The Games page features auto-playing trailers, there are scrollable screenshot galleries and more. Unfortunately, some aspects of the new design don’t work, likely due to the Play Store redesign being a work-in-progress still.

While I’m certainly excited for a refreshed Play Store website, I’m not sure how significant of a change it’ll be. I really only use the Play Store site to grab links to apps and games when I want to include them in stories I write for MobileSyrup — which, frankly, happens a lot.

In other words, your average user might not spend much time messing around with Play Store on the web. Regardless, the updated design is a move in the right direction and should further help unify Google’s web products.

Source: Android Police

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