Hackers make significant strides towards cracking Sony’s PS5

If a console exists, someone will hack it.


There’s a possibility that Sony’s PlayStation 5 may be crackable at some point in the future.

Over the weekend, well-known hacking group FailOverflow tweeted that it was able to get its hands on the PS5’s root key, which then allowed the console’s firmware to be decrypted. FailOverFlow was the first group to get through the PS3’s security features back in 2010.

The Verge also reported that Andy Nguyen, a security engineer at Google that goes by the online handle @theflow0, accessed the console’s debug settings. Though not directly related to FailOverFlow’s efforts, this is another example of someone circumventing Sony’s security software.

Though these exploits don’t mean much yet, in the future, it could eventually lead to hackers having more access to the PS5’s software, allowing it to be reversed-engineered. While this would allow the installation of emulators, Linux and homebrew software to be installed on the PlayStation 5, it will also, unfortunately, lead to game piracy.

It’s important to remember that Sony is likely aware of these hacks and is working to patch them. In a sense, exploits like this are inevitable and happen whenever a video game console releases. Whether it’s running emulators on the Xbox Series S/X or jailbreaking the Switch, life always finds a way.

Source: Wololo, @failOverflow, @theflow0 Via: The Verge 

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