Kahoot’s PowerPoint integration makes it easy to add a game to your presentation

The Kahoot PowerPoint integration is an easy way to present a topic and then quiz listeners about it

Kahoot, a game-based learning platform, announced a new integration with Microsoft PowerPoint that should make it easier for people to host games without leaving a presentation.

In case you haven’t heard of Kahoot, or had a chance to try it, it works similarly to games like those from Jackbox — in short, players navigate to a website on their phone or computer and enter a PIN to join the room. A game host show a shared game screen that will display questions — players answer on their device.

Kahoot has become a really fun, interactive way to test knowledge, particularly in education. For example, a teacher could cap off a presentation about a subject with a quick Kahoot game to challenge students’ learning. Now, thanks to integration with PowerPoint, that’s a lot easier to do.

To use Kahoot in PowerPoint, you’ll need to first install the Kahoot add-in. It’s available by opening a PowerPoint presentation > clicking ‘Insert’ > ‘Get Add-ins.’ From there, you can search for and add Kahoot.

Once added, presenters can create a Kahoot slide that will show their Kahoot game. It’s worth noting that users will still need to create a Kahoot game in Kahoot, but they can bring it over to the PowerPoint add-in either by logging into their Kahoot account or by copying the Kahoot PowerPoint share link from Kahoot and pasting it into the Kahoot PowerPoint add-in.

Those interested in learning more about how to use Kahoot in PowerPoint can check out this how-to from Kahoot.

Source: Kahoot