Ring’s new Video Doorbell Pro 2 features taller field-of-view and better motion detection

Similar to the first Video Doorbell Pro, the Pro 2 is only available in a wired model

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Amazon-owned Ring’s latest video doorbell, the Video Doorbell Pro 2, includes several enhancements over its predecessor.

First off, the $324 high-end doorbell camera features a taller field-of-view and includes improved motion detection. The camera’s new square 1536 x 1536 pixel resolution video capture makes it possible to see when packages are left on the ground below the doorbell.

Other Ring cameras utilize a 16:9 view that makes viewing the ground nearly impossible unless the smart doorbell is located very low, defeating the purpose of a smart doorbell in the first place. Google’s Nest Hello smart doorbell is one of the first smart doorbells to opt for this aspect ratio, so it looks like Amazon is borrowing the feature from its main competitor in the space.

Regarding the Video Doorbell 2’s improved motion detection, Ring calls this new technology “3D motion detection.” The company says it allows the camera to “pin point the location and time a motion event begins.” There’s also a new ‘Bird’s Eye View’ that displays a top-down image of any motion that’s detected. Ring says these features are possible because of new radar sensors featured in the Pro 2.

Ring Video Doorbell 2's square aspect ratio

Other notable features include better quality microphones, and automatic replies that can be set up if you happen to not be home. This could be useful for telling delivery people to leave a package at your door when you aren’t around. The camera is also capable of custom ‘Motion Zones’ and ‘Privacy Zones,’ just like previous Ring doorbell cameras.

Finally, just like the first Video Doorbell Pro, the Pro 2 is wired and isn’t powered by a battery. This means that it’s more difficult to get up and running than its battery-powered counterparts and requires pre-existing doorbell wiring to be in place.

Overall, these seem like positive steps forward for Ring’s high-end camera. I’ve been using a battery-powered Ring Video Doorbell 2 for the last few years, and while the experience has generally been solid, it sometimes takes more than 30 seconds to get a live video feed from the camera when I launch the app on my smartphone. It’s unclear if the Doorbell Pro solves this particular issue.

The Video Doorbell Pro 2 is available for pre-order now for $324.99 and will start shipping on March 31st, 2021.

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