Electrify Canada adding 20 charging stations at Canadian Tire location country-wide

The chargers will be in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec

Volkswagen-owned Electrify Canada is expanding its country-wide charging service with 20 new stations at Canadian Tire locations.

Select Canadian Tire locations across Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec, will now house the EV charging company’s new chargers. The specific locations set to get the new EV chargers have not been shared yet.

The stations will feature Electrify Canada’s DC 350kW Fast Charger. This standard can supply 30km of power per minute of charge if the vehicle supports it. The charger also scales down to 150 kW and everything in between. Vehicles with both CCS and CHAdeMO charging ports can use the chargers.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Electrify Canada regarding when it plans to begin building the chargers.

Update9/10/2019 6:07 PM ET: Electrify Canada said,”Constructions is currently in various stages across the proposed locations.”

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