PocketPills takes the hassle out of going to the pharmacy [App of the week]

This Canadian company is looking to make it as easy as possible to get and take your medication

If you’re someone who has a recurring prescription, Canadian company PocketPills streamlines the process of getting your medication

The company sends you all of your medication separated by dose in small packages every month.

Individuals pay a seven dollar fee per order and then the company packages their pills and other medication and sends them. Pocket Pills even handles refills and ships them to you before your existing medication runs out.

If you need to order a medication that’s on a take-as-needed basis, then PocketPills ships it in a standard pill bottle.

When the medication arrives, each bag is labelled per dose, meaning that if you’re supposed to take three pills in the morning and two at night, each bag has all the medicine you’re supposed to take at a single time.

The company ships these bags in a roll to make it easy to know what to take next. Think of a roll of tickets, but instead of tickets, each section of the rolls is a little pocket-sized bag of pills.

Once the medication is shipped, you can track it online or through the app.

The company has just launched in Ontario, so it covers 24 million Canadians across the Yukon, North West Territories, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

PocketPills has even included a way to make sure patients still get to talk to a pharmacist. You can speak to a pharmacist online through the services chat section, via phone or email. The professionals are available to talk any time between 8:30am and 6:00pm PT/11:30am and 9:00pm ET.

Sign up process

When you sign up for PocketPills, the company asks you for some basic information like your name, age, address, allergies, a contact number and email. Plus your credit card and insurance information.

To add your insurance information the company has added an option to take an and upload an image of your card when you sign up to make this process as easy as possible.

If your insurance provider reimburses you after you send them receipts, don’t worry, one comes with every shipment.

You can download PocketPills for free on iOS and Android. If you’re interested in the service you can also look up its medications prices. 

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