Nvidia Shield TV gets $40 discount on Amazon, Prime Music support

Deals and software updates at the same time -- what could be better?

Nvidia Shield TV

If you’re looking to pick up an Android TV, now’s your chance. The Nvidia Shield TV, one of the best set-top boxes around, is on sale for $40 off on Amazon Canada.

This means that the device’s total cost comes to $189 CAD.

The Shield TV is a stellar piece of equipment with plenty of great features added in by Nvidia. Shield TV lets you game with ease, either on the system or by streaming from a compatible PC.

Its also got 4K HDR support and access to plenty of 4K content through a variety of streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube.

On top of all this, Shield TV has Google Assistant support and much more.

Nvidia also just rolled out Shield Experience Upgrade 7.2, bringing new features including Google Home and Amazon Echo support. Users can now turn on and control their Shield TV using Home or Echo.

Further, Nvidia added support for Amazon Prime Music as well, so users can easily stream their favourite songs.

Along with this, Nvidia rolled out several small tweaks, enhancements and bug fixes. You can read the full release notes here.

If you don’t have a Nvidia Shield TV, you can pick one up along with all its great content over at Amazon.

Source: Amazon

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